Going Forward … Not Backwards:

We often find ourselves visiting old, painful places in our mind.  Once there we become attune to the observation that perhaps we are going backwards. We relive not only the memory of the past hurt, but the emotional pain as well.  It is in this time we may feel as though we are spinning – living in a vortex or black hole of our own existence.

It is during periods of growth, change or challenges, when we are faced with choices and may not be clear on which way to go or what to do next to move us over this seemingly large mountain before us.

The truth is  … growth comes in spurts. There is always a period of stagnation following any step or change.  Universal laws strategically place this step there as a support, allowing us time to process and fully integrate all the new.

When we find ourselves in this moment of isolation and fear it helps to remember that you really never go backwards.  You might standstill for a period of time … but you do not go back because there was a learning and growth that actually occurred from the initial situation, which cannot be undone.

Also, it is important to remind yourself that every step is a meaningful and an important part of the process.

Lastly, it may be that you are back in this place because you have never really healed this part of your past.

Resolution: Allow yourself time to “feel” and “heal” and then move into a place of self-forgiveness.

In the words of one of the most spiritually loving woman I have had the pleasure of working with … “healing is the application of loving to the parts inside that hurt.” (Thanks Mary)

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Love of Spirit.


We are connected ….

A Tree Stands in Pasadena ….

It is neither surprising nor coincidental that ‘nature’ and ‘yoga’ are eternally connected.

Yoga brings forward a state of mind that summons internal peace and nature provides the space to enhance external peace. One soon becomes aware of the richness that flows through the spirit when practicing them together – creating a more in-depth and often  unconscious level of healing.

For me, its “trees”.

I love to practice my yoga among them and in doing so I observe the dance they perform. As I allow my breath to guide me – It is in this space that I discover through these trees what has been my “familiar”.

Mother Nature graces us with trees. Their importance is unmatched; not just because they moderate climate, improve air quality and conserve water. Not just because their leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air to form carbohydrates that are used in the plant’s structure and function, but their leaves also absorb ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide to provide us our life blood – oxygen.  But equally important trees provide habitat and shade for wildlife and other wonders of nature, enhance our homes, yards and community by their beauty and provide us with a space filled with peace and tranquility.

My story is of one particular tree – a tree that stands in Pasadena. This single entity has brought me a profound and cerebral realization to look beyond what I have always been taught to see and the gift of self-healing.  This one tree changed my “view”.

Each morning I begin my yoga practice in Lotus (Padmasana), Sage (Siddhasana) or stand in Mountain (Tadasana) with prayer-hands. I look out, my view enhanced with trees in the forefront and the mountains behind. It is in this early morning silence and the warmth of the sun rising where I live in gratitude.

On this particular day, I awoke to a sky covered in clouds and gray. The air was uninviting and cold. Ironically, it was much like the way I was feeling that morning. My practice became especially important as I deeply focused on Pranayama to calm my mind and ease the unrest my body was experiencing.

You see, a few days prior I allowed myself to re-open an old and very deep emotional wound of a relationship gone by. This rekindling of what I thought I had finally let go of had awakened me to the fact that even with all my learning, education and life experience, I can still go back to the emotional house where all my past hurts and judgments reside.

As I deeply engage in my yoga, my eyes begin to cloud with tears as I see “it”… A tall, perfectly straight tree with branches equally spaced to support its foundation. Leaves lush and full, bursting colors of green and orange and red- tainted by the sun. Yet a sadness came over me as I also observed that one side was completely bare. All its branches and leaves stripped by the windstorm and now poised naked and vulnerable to all the elements.

As I focus back to my anja chakra, a new understanding broke through and I clearly saw that this tree … is me.  One side of me which is full, healthy, rich with color, standing tall, and holding firm in what I know to be true – that my heart and head are sound. The other side is stripped with seemingly no protection. Raw from the pain and sorrow that accompanies emotional loss and disappointment.

As I focus my gaze, I see the lesson – the tree is not leaning, broken nor does it appear to have any challenges due to its devastation. It stands on its foundation, erect and strong. It rises above and purges straight towards the sky. Even with what should be a lack of balance – it somehow maintains a powerful stance.

The setback this tree experienced did not halt its determination, courage or strength to continue on. It simply reminds me to trust and believe all of my branches and leaves will grow back in time, all my wounds will heal and in the course of this transformation, I will grow even stronger.

And now when I look upon this tree, I no longer see desolation, but love,  in accepting what has been and that the tree and me are both moving confidently forward – towards the future.  Namaste’.

J.  Pasadena, California





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