“The best exercise for the heart is bending down and helping someone get up”


From the moment I met Judy, I knew that this was a person who understood me. I never needed to worry about being judged or frowned upon, and that led to a very honest, almost reciprocal-type relationship. The thing that sets Judy apart from other therapist-types, is that she is relatable and makes no apologies for having been through hell and back in her own life, which inspires hope and makes it easy to open up about the trials and tribulations in my own.”

“She has an enviable outlook on life which is contageous and she has the patience of a saint, which is necessary when dealing with a person, like myself, whose baggage sometimes seems to pile up. Her heart is her best attribute and more than anything, it’s nice to know that there is someone out there who knows what you’re going through and who is on your side, no matter what. I love her for that. I know she is slowly changing the world. One person at a time.”

Nick Marcotti
Professional Actor and Fitness Trainer


“As an entrepreneur with a growing business, I greatly appreciate Judy’s insights into staff management, team building, accountability and communication. Judy has coached me through many difficult conversations and decisions. Her organizational skills and follow-up always keep me on track with commitments I’ve made to both the business and myself. After a year with Judy, our team is motivated, our client mix is stable and the business is definitely more profitable.“

“Judy’s background managing national sales teams, as well as her silent ownership of a leading niche retail store, have greatly added to her astute insights and knowledge of how to make a business thrive and grow”. “Oh, did I mention how much fun Judy is to work with? She’s upbeat, intuitive and a pleasure to work with on any issue. I give Judy Hill the highest recommendations as a personal or business coach.”

Diane Gubin, President.
Tech Exec Partners
Executive Staffing Firm


“Judy is an energetic and passionate woman who brings the value of many years of experience in a variety of diverse business settings. These experiences have provided her with a unique understanding and compassion for the people within those businesses. This coupled with her desire for independence and her passion to help others has lead her to create a business positioned to make a real impact on the people she counsels and coaches. Judy is the kind of woman you want as a friend and on your team. She listens, she cares and she acts.”

Diane Chamness, President
Chamness Consulting Group
Business Development Company


“I am always struck by Judy’s dynamic, take-control enthusiasm when working in both individual and group settings. She has an attentive, reasoned “ear” backed by the solid experience and expertise to not only clearly grasp the issues involved, but to persist in finding effective and satisfying bottom-line solutions for her clients. And she “manages” to make it fun, too.”

Nancy Engelken, President
Electric Moose Music
Award-Winning Vocalist/Pianist and
Musical Instructor


“First and foremost, Judy comes to the table with experience. She has worked in many capacities with small companies and large corporations. Her extensive work-related travels have exposed her to so many challenges involving staffing, organizing and performance that I’ve not yet come across an area in which she didn’t provide vital and useful help.

Whenever my company has had the good fortune to use Judy’s expertise, we are the beneficiaries of her great attitude, extraordinary organizational skills and invaluable experience. She has provided focus to give our staff direction through coaching myself and my managers. She has, on more than one occasion, stepped in with insights as to how our organization can be more productive.”

Brian Brooks, President
Original Whistle Stop, Inc.
Specialty Retail Operations


“Judy is a high energy, positive self-starter who has successfully launched several businesses and thrives on helping others, solving problems and meeting goals. She is fearless, not letting self-doubt, mistakes or feeling foolish limit her own life decisions – an impressive and admirable trait to bring to her consulting and coaching business. Judy is committed to helping move people’s personal and professional lives forward to a place of greater joy, productivity and fulfillment.”

Sally Jorgensen, Ph.D.
Certified Life Coach and Professional Artist


“Judy’s fresh, focused and imaginative approach to consulting will enable any individual or business to flourish in the most fulfilling manner. Judy, with her energy and commitment, coupled with her gift for insight, is an awesome force for progress and success.”

Rochelle Balin, President
Rochelle Balin Enterprises
Spiritual – Mentor


” Judy is one of those people that you gravitate towards.  From her infectious smile to her genuine nature, you are drawn to her.  The thing I love most about Judy is that she tells you like it is; no sugar-coating.  She’s tough, but she does it from a place of loving and deep caring.  She wants the best for you and will support in every way she can to assist you in acheiving your goals.  Not only can she ‘run with the boys’, but she’s also fun to work with.  She’s light-hearted and has a great sense of humor.  You will see results and do it with a smile on your face!” –

Ellen Contente, M.A., RScP, Founder & President, Heart-Centered Programs


There are two ways of spreading light – be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

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