“A wild woman is much like a wolf.  She has a strong life force;
she is life giving; territorially aware;  she carries with her past
knowledge and easily shares what she has learned.

With her wild spirit as her ally and teacher, she sees not only
through h
er own eyes, but through the eyes of intuition.”

Excerpt from “Women who Run with Wolves”



Educational Credentials:

Masters Degree – Spiritual Psychology
Undergraduate Degree – Business – Sales & Marketing Management
National Certifications:  Coach Training Alliance, Nutrition and Yoga


Judy’s personal journey in the pursuit of understanding human evolution in consciousness, for over a decade, has empowered her to help others begin their own journey; showing them how to strengthen their resolve and achieve their personal and professional goals.

As a Holistic/Spiritual Therapist, Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Trainer and a former high-powered Business Executive, Judy’s unique blend of experience, knowledge, wisdom, insightfulness and a clear passion for helping others understand their own patterns, beliefs and behaviors makes her an unstoppable ally.

Judy has worked with hundreds of diverse clients including private individuals, executives, managers, CEO’s and companies, offering them instructional guidance on how to empower their lives!

Her methodologies and programs inspire and create growth,
which lead to personal and professional success!

Prior to developing an intuitive sense, awareness and appreciation of human conditioning, Judy was and continues to be an accomplished entrepreneur.  For 12 years she managed the sales and marketing staffs for Fortune 500 companies – directing, supervising, hiring and training hundreds of full and part-time employees and third-party agencies.  She effectively developed sales territories, while organizing and managing promotional events in corporate venues throughout the western United States.

For those diverse clients who’ve been fortunate to work with her, Judy’s experience and knowledge have led her to develop, over the years, extensive skills and compassion in addressing their challenges and celebrating their successes.

“Throughout my life’s journey, I have met an incredible group of individuals in various business, professional and private settings.  Through my interaction, I began to witness a pattern of similar challenges which seem to keep most from realizing and manifesting complete joy and happiness, potential and success.”

The most common areas I have found that keep individuals from moving forward is an inability to:

  • Address and deal with challenges, fears and change
  • Understand, build and maintain loving relationships
  • Life plan and maintain positive focus
  • Effectively communicate in all areas of life
  • Manage, direct, inspire and motivate oneself
  • Create abundant health, wellness and prosperity


“I am passionate about helping you identify and achieve your goals. I am confident of my strong listening and coaching skills. These skills, combined with my holistic and spiritual practices and teachings, make for a custom-tailored, caring and nurturing experience.  This experience offers you a strong, genuine and supportive shoulder as we ignite your courage to change what’s been “ the familiar”, and empower you to create a launch pad for your success”.

“I find the most common way people give up their personal power is in believing they have none.”

Judy Hill, CEO, Redwwolf Coaching and Consulting



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